Tuesday, January 12, 2010

You're in this for the wrong reasons

I don't watch "The Bachelor," but everyone on the morning talk shows was talking about what happened on last nights episode. Apparently, one of the desperate beauties(who all seem to be models), had "inappropriate relations with a staffer," whatever that means exactly. Well, I guess the bachelor is not the only one in that house trying to spread herpes. Why is it okay for the guy to go around smooching every girl, but it isn't okay for her to be playing the field, too? They said she was there "for all the wrong reasons." Well, I think her reasons are to find love(and some lovin') just like him.

The playa

Also, all of these dating shows are just getting out of hand. They all revolve around some traditionally handsome man who seems to have a great job, but it always makes me wonder, why can't he meet a woman in real life? What is wrong with him that he has to go on a dating show and have "dates" aka hook up sessions with 20 girls?

These "dates" are so unrealistic, too. None of these can probably afford a date on a yacht with champagne service and butlers. No, the most romantic date these girls would probably go on would be at the Olive Garden. Which is why I think these shows never pan out, I think they all fall in love with the lifestyle more than they do the guy. Heck, I bet the uni bomber could even seem romantic and perfect if every detail was planned out for him.

Mmm. Breadsticks.
Bonus(and not Jonas:)

Oh! I found these funny quotes from Rozlyn Papa, the trouble maker on "The Bachelor":

She says the scandal has seeped "into my personal life. I have a 7-year-old little boy at home that I want to look up to me, and to have this blatant lie out there perpetuated by the show itself, it's hurtful. It's scary to think what my son will think of me."

Um...he'll think that you messed up the chance to have a pilot as his new daddy.

She insists she merely befriended a male producer (who has since been fired) -- but nothing more. "I would absolutely call him a friend," she says. "A good friend."

Such a good friend they had "benefits." Good "benefits." And not the free health care kind.

Adds Papa, "It really comes down to my son. Why would you go on national television and throw a mom under the bus like that?"

Why would you go on national television if you were concerned what other people were going to think of you?


  1. hahaha! ok so im totally guilty of watching the bachelor, and it's such a joke. she didn't do anything, they just needed the drama! but oh man watching the host try not to start laughing while kicking her off the show....priceless.

  2. It's okay. Michael and I watched 1 season of the Bachelor...the one with that O'Connell brother. It was SO funny 'cause he didn't want to have a serious relationship!