Thursday, January 14, 2010

Money for nothing and your chicks for free

This is kind of a spawn off of the previous post. All dating shows seem to have glamorous dates, while those of us in the real world are back in reality, and are more than likely, poor. Here are some date ideas that are free or cheap:

  1. Visit the library. Ours has recently released movies and cds. Free sure beats paying $1 per title/per night at Redbox! Plus they will let us check out 4 at a time.
  2. Cook together. This is something what my husband and I did when we first started dating. We would pick out a recipe from a cook book at make it together. Sometimes it would be for just us, sometimes we would cook for family, too.
  3. Go on a picnic. Take those recipes that you made out to the park!
  4. Free music in the park. During the summer we have music on the beach and in the park. It is a great way to spend an evening away from the TV.
  5. Walk around downtown. Sometimes we would get coffee at our favorite spot, Breaktime Espresso Cafe.
  6. Go to the beach. It is nice to sit out, read magazines, and sip on a bushwhacker.
  7. Do a craft. Sometimes we would paint pottery, make holiday decorations, or scrapbook. Shopping for supplies is half the fun.
  8. Puzzles/Games. Once we both got 2 copies of the same Sudoku book and would see who could finish first. Traditional puzzles are good(as long as the cat doesn't take the pieces) and so are board games(I like Scene It.)
  9. Check the paper for free/cheap things. Usually there aren't very many things to do in Pensacola, unless you are under 5 or over 50. But, sometimes they do have free events, festivals, art shows, etc.
  10. Go to the park. And pretend that you are 5 and swing on the swings and slide down the slide(why are these words both nouns and verbs?)

Let me know what ideas you may have!

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