Saturday, January 9, 2010

getting started

Well, I'm finally going to start a blog. I've been wanting to start one for quite some time, over a year now, but I've never known what to write about. I wish I could be creative and dream of something al la "Julie and Julia" or "Living Oprah"(why didn't I think of this...oh yeah, 'cause I'm broke. And I don't particulary like Oprah.) So, for right now, I'll just write about my life.

I have a lot of time on my hands now that I just work very part part time, but then again, I seem to have no time for myself as Roman, who is almost 10 months old, demands almost all of my attention at every waking hour. But, this year as he grows older, I want to take more time to do the things I enjoy. Like scrapbooking, sewing, and crafting in general. Oh, and I want to actually finish a book in a timely manner! Right now I'm reading


I'm about 1/2 way through with Time Traveler and on chapter 7 of Purpose Driven Life.