Friday, January 15, 2010

Addicted to Fame

I guess January is the month of unveiling new looks in order to get make on magazine covers(People mag, specifically.) First it was Kate Gosselin with her $10,000 make over, which was mostly for hair it just me or do they look really silly on her? It looks like some cheap Halloween wig. Well, at least her exes ex girlfriend likes it. "Jon always gave her s--- about having short hair. Props to Kate. She can now be a MILF!" said Haley Glassman. YES! Just what Kate always wanted, to be considered a MILF!

Look at me!

Now herpes simplex 1(or was she 2?), Heidi Montag is revealing her new body. Wow. I don't know what she told her surgeon, but I think she is trying to look like sex toy blow up Betty, or something. Her boobs are DDD's AND she wants them bigger! Watch out Dolly Parton! She says that she is addicted to plastic surgery, and some say that she has body dimorphic disorder. Really, I think she is just a fame monger. Afterall, she did write a book about it! Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 both need personality make overs.
Coming to a frat room near you

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