Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gimme my money, man!

I can't wait for our tax return this year. I don't know how much we'll be getting back, but I can only hope it involves 4 digits. I'm hopeful because now that we have Roman, he is supposed to be a big deduction(I hope this is not some big conspiracy that parents have to tell other couples so they'll have babies, too...there better be money involved!), plus we put in a new air conditioning unit last year, so we should be getting back a bit. I've been mentally spending money(or dreaming) on what we would do with the extra money. We'll save most of it, but here are a few items that are on our wishlist:

  1. A new roof. We have a sizable leak over our dining room(aka Unlce Bob's Self Storage.) To have it patched will cost $500, and I think about 5 grand for a brand new roof. No matter what our return is, this is the one thing I know we will be doing!
  2. This chaise lounge for our living would be nice to have more seating.
  3. Our cellphones are almost past their prime...Michael's cell phone has a hard time holding it's charge. So far we like the Samsung Rogue.
  4. It would be nice to have a wireless router so our cable line doesn't go half way around the house!
  5. A laptop computer to go with that wireless router. It would be so much easier to get on the computer in the living room while Roman plays, instead of having to wait for him to go to sleep.
  6. Pay off some bills, maybe even Michael's truck.
  7. Take a vacation in the spring or summer. I'm not sure where we would go, I would like to go to Disney, but Roman is a little young still(plus I hope to be pregnant again soon, so rides will be a no go.) Maybe to Atlanta, New Orleans, IDK.
Okay, so those are a few of my dream items, what do you plan on doing with your tax return?


  1. oh all the things i would buy.... :)
    another baby?!??! :)

  2. Yeah, we want them to be as close together as possible.