Friday, February 5, 2010

Random stuff

It's been a while since I've posted, so I'm just going to post a few random things that happened recently.

  1. I left my purse in a Target shopping cart. I got all the way home and then realized that I didn't have it. Thankfully, I called the store and a manager went out to the parking lot to get it. I'm even more thankful that nothing was missing.
  2. I did our taxes earlier this week, and we are getting a really good refund this year. Thanks to Roman($$$) and a few other credits. We will be able to pay off a few bills(Michael's truck and a loan we had to take out for his dental work), get the roof repaired, and buy a chaise lounge for the living room and maybe a laptop later this year. We are going to save about half of it, though, "just in case."
  3. I took my dad out to lunch today at Tijuana Flats, for a very belated birthday lunch(his bday is in November.) He is getting his second rhinoplasty done next week, and it will be the last time for a few weeks that he is going to be eating out. Roman had a good time eating black bean chimichangas.
  4. Our 4th anniversary is coming up this Sunday. We don't have anything planned, but Michael took the weekend off so we could at least have some family time. I think we are just going to walk around downtown and go to Breaktime Espresso Cafe. We were wanting to take a short weekend trip, but I think we will save that for the summer and go to New Orleans.
  5. I went to the mall ball with my best friend, Sharon. It was a lot of fun to get dressed up and have a night with just us girls. Getting ready was half the fun, and I will miss her a LOT if she moves away.

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  1. hey!!! long time no talk! boo
    how are you????
    oh and guess what-- you should check out my blog cause i nominated you for a blog award!!!!

    love you!!